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This is the wiki of WoF-FEA; this wiki has been made because of a group collaboration as we started as a simple role play that then resulted to be written down and then the creation of an amazing Fan Fiction. Here be the dragons of old, before arriving to Pyrrhia and before the Scorching. A relevance to the Wings of Fire Wiki in honor of the series.

About The Empire Ages

Welcome to Wings of Fire Fanon Empire Ages!  This is a place where we, fans of Wings of Fire, can share ideas and topics.  Yet, creation and imagination has its limits, if you want to create a page according to the Fanfiction, by all means you can do so.  But try not to make a page of your Fan Fiction solely on the world of Pyrrhia.  This is a different place, not like the other fanons.  If you want to create a new tribe name you'd have to contact an administrator on their walls, while admins have to talk to the others to confirm of this.  Have fun.

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Elemental Empire

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Mortov Empire

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Featured Tribe


LeafWings have scales that are various shades of green. Their wings have feather-like patterns that look similar to leaves. In addition, they have actual feathers beside their horns. Their feathers change colors...

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Featured Fan-fiction

Caught In Love

By I Love Glory

A fan-fiction about a forbidden love between two dragons in different tribes. This FF connects the Three Empires, and is considered to be the main story line of the wiki.

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