The Project


So.......everything has been weird in my life ever sense the new wiki's successful creation. Everything has been going great, actually. But i thought it would be pretty boring without something fun to do. This is an awesome idea, all this, but the creators are the ones in charge! So i'm giving everyone something to help with, and we will all work as an empire, i call this Project Empire.

How It Works

Ok, so here's how it goes. Every week or so i will have a contest, right here. I will post something that you all need to help with. What YOU have to do is win the contest. Contests are contests such as, Best dragon name, or stuff like that.

This weeks contest

I am having trouble finding a name for a LavaWing. Can YOU please help me?

The Hall of Fame


This is where all the winners of the contests go. So far we have winners.