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I think we are inactive.
Can someone highlight this?
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Happy easter everyone. And if you dont celebrate easter then happy Spring! ( Even though its not very spring anywhere it seems.,t just snowed here last week a couple inches ;(
But anyways in celebration of easter/spring and the realese of the fith book ( That i have not read yet so no spoilers haha) We shall have a light  Roleplay day! Perhapes new charactors??! And new story so everyone can jump right in !
It seems that none of us are ever on at the same time so i  was thinking it would be better if we put a date to this instead. I dont know if everyone is off school for the week or not. Just to put down a date how about this Wednesday?
Highlighting the topic so everyone sees.
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Lightning Wings' diet

What do lightning wings eat?
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I'm still here.

Hey, all. 
Yeah, I know, I haven't really been too active on the wiki, but I wanted to let you guys know, I'm still checking daily.
The main thing i want to say is that i want to help.
I want to help, but I am cluless on where the Wiki is right now.
If you need help with something or any work done, please, contact me. I will be more than willing to support this wiki.
Thanks, and have a great day.
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The Empires

We need some help.
For the two un-named empires, what do you think they should be named? be creative!
Also, what should the theme for each empire be? As in: Dark/Beautiful/Strange
All ideas will be considered!
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What do you want to see from this Wiki

Discuss! What does everyone want from this Wiki.
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